Our Services

Argopackaging creates value for our customers through:

- Overseas Production and Procurement to reduce total costs

Overseas Production and Procurement:


Argopackaging’s overseas production and procurement services are tailored to meet your specific needs.  Our supply chain experts can help you to address a variety of issues related to foreign production and procurement including;

    • Full OEM services including off-shore production setup
    • Management of inventory turns, logistics costs, quality assurance and process changes. 
    • Enhancement of your current production and procurement strategies with validated best practices to improve your sourcing capability and realize savings in total cost of ownership
    • Identification of reliable suppliers with top-of-the-line products/services at competitive prices
    • Evaluating suppliers on manufacturing capacity, quality control, lead-time, service, and cost competitiveness;
    • Performing onsite supplier audits
    • Ordering samples and requesting tests
    • Conducting Strategic Contract Negotiations and eBidding;
    • Developing Terms & Conditions (T&C) for contract negotiations;
    • Providing support and advice on various overseas trade management including: LCC regulations, commercial laws, patent protection, risk assessment, business environment analysis; Custom and duties, Trade and Financial management
    • Logistics setup for shipping, customs and distribution channels
    • Inbound & Outbound fulfillment