Growing Your Business
As a medium or large-sized company, how do you grow your business? You:


Reduce costs to improve profit margins

Increase sales to generate new revenue

To reduce costs, many large companies have already moved part or all of their production and procurement to Low Cost Countries (LCC).

Sounds good, right?  But it can be very hard to buy and sell in China, if you don’t have experienced people who understand the complex business environment in the country. There are many challenges that companies have to face when seek to establish and grow their trade relationships in China.  Barriers such as language, cultural differences, government regulation, intellectual property protection, quality assurance, and on time delivery are just a few of the hurdles for companies that are entering the overseas markets

With offices in the U.S, Canada, and China, Argopackaging L.L.C provides a full range of overseas production, procurement and business development services to North American companies that are planning to buy or sell products in China and other Asian countries.  Argopackaging helps medium to large-sized North American companies to gain access to a pre-qualified network of reliable suppliers, or prospective customers in the Chinese marketplace.  Argopackaging plays the role of strategic partner to your business to help advance your capabilities to either procure or to develop new markets with prospective customers.  Argopackaging reduces the risk and uncertainties in dealing across overseas markets, allowing you to focus your attention and resources on your core competencies.